40+ Joe Rogan Quotes That Are Highly Motivational

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Do you have a hard time staying motivated? Are you looking for some motivation to become the best version of yourself? If yes, these Joe Rogan motivational quotes are for you!

Aside from being a commentator for the UFC, a stand-up comedian, and the former host of Fear Factor, Rogan is most recognized for his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. He interviews public figures, scientists, actors, comedians, MMA fighters, authors, and more. Many people look up to Joe Rogan and respect him as a motivational figure who inspires others to take control of their life.

Joe Rogan Motivational Quotes

1. “In all my travelings, all my life adventures; I have to say I still don’t know what life is, absolutely no clue, and it is a subject that is constantly on my mind.  One thing I do know for a fact is that the nicer we are to our fellow human beings, the nicer the universe is to us.” – Joe Rogan

2. “I truly believe that in order to truly be great at something you have to give into a certain amount of madness.” – Joe Rogan

3. “Life is strange.  You keep moving and keep moving.  Before you know it, you look back and thing, ‘What was that?’” – Joe Rogan

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4. “Work for that feeling that you have accomplished something…Don’t waste your time on this earth without making a mark.” – Joe Rogan

5. “We define ourselves far too often by our past failures. That’s not you. You are this person right now. You’re the person who has learned from those failures. Build confidence and momentum with each good decision you make from here on out and choose to be inspired.” – Joe Rogan

6. “That’s my only goal.  Surround myself with funny people, and make sure everyone has a good time and works hard.” – Joe Rogan

7. “Once you understand what excellence is all about…you see how excellence manifests itself in any discipline.” – Joe Rogan

8. “Greatness and madness are next-door neighbors and they often borrow each other’s sugar.”– Joe Rogan

9. “There’s only one way to get good at anything; you surround yourself with the bad motherfuckers who are doing exactly you do and you forced yourself to keep up and inspire each other.” – Joe Rogan

10. “It’s very important to help people figure out how to manage life, to help people figure out how to think, help inspire them, help show them what can be gained from setting goals and achieving them and that excellent feeling – and that becomes contagious.”– Joe Rogan

11.“The people I know that have the hardest time keeping it together emotionally are people that don’t work out.” – Joe Rogan

12. “The time you spend hating on someone robs you of your own time. You are literally hating on yourself and you don’t even realize it.” – Joe Rogan

13. “The quicker we all realize that we’ve been taught how to live life by the people that were operating on the momentum of an ignorant past the quicker we can move to a global ethic of community that doesn’t value invented borders or the monopolization of natural resources, but rather the goal of a happier more loving humanity.” – Joe Rogan

14. “I realized a long time ago that instead of being jealous you can be inspired and appreciative.  It carries more energy to you.  That can be an awesome and motivating force that can improve your life if you choose to be inspired and not jealous.  One has no benefit whatsoever, the other is an incredible resource for creating momentum and improvement.” – Joe Rogan

15. “One of the most fascinating lessons I’ve absorbed about life is that the struggle is good.” – Joe Rogan

16. “All the time that you spend complaining, you could instead be hustling. You could be chasing your dream. You could be figuring out what you’re doing wrong and improving your life.” – Joe Rogan

17. “If things aren’t going the way you want them to go, then do something about it. Quit talking about your problems and go out and do something to fix them.” – Joe Rogan

18. “Haters are all failures. It’s 100% across the board. No one who is truly brilliant at anything is a hater.” – Joe Rogan

19. “Here’s the craziest thing about life, this is the thing that nobody really considers; you know as much about what life is all about as anybody who’s ever lived, ever. That’s the craziest thing about us. We’re all just kinda wandering through this going “‘You know what you’re doing?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Oh, I do too. I know what I’m doing.’ ‘Okay. Good, then.’” But really no one has a clue.” – Joe Rogan

20. “Write down things you want to improve. Write down things you won’t tolerate from yourself. Write down things you never want to see yourself do again.” – Joe Rogan

21. “Live your life like you’re the hero in your own movie.” – Joe Rogan

22. “Life is about the pursuit of excellence. That pursuit is probably more exciting to me now more than ever.”– Joe Rogan

23. “Treat everyone as if they were you. If we really are one, then I am you and you are me.” – Joe Rogan

24. “Excellence in anything increases your potential in everything.”– Joe Rogan

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25. “The key to happiness doesn’t lay in numbers in a bank account but in the way we make others feel and the way they make us feel.” – Joe Rogan

26.“Someone else’s success does not equal a failure for you.”– Joe Rogan

27. “I had a sense of who I was before I got famous.” – Joe Rogan

28. “Faith itself is a horrible mechanism that stunts the growth of ideas. It also stunts the act of questioning, and it does this by pushing the idea that you have to have faith – and that nothing has to be proven.” – Joe Rogan

29. “There is a direct correlation between positive energy and positive results.” – Joe Rogan

30. 100% of all haters in the world are unrealized potential.” – Joe Rogan

31. “So instead of investing your time in a passion, you’ve sold your life to work for an uncaring machine that doesn’t understand you. That’s the problem with our society. And what’s the reward? Go home and get a big TV.”– Joe Rogan

32. “Do things that are difficult. It’s very important to struggle. You don’t get to know yourself without struggle. You don’t know who you are until you get tested.” – Joe Rogan

33. “Get better at whatever you’re doing. So what if you suck at it now. Everybody sucks at everything when they start. But if you love it, and don’t lie to yourself, then get better at it.”– Joe Rogan

34.“Pretend that your life was a movie and it started now, what would the hero do? What would the person that you respect do? What would the person that you admire, and inspire you to do? Do that.” – Joe Rogan

35.“Live your life like there is a documentary crew following you around and you are analyzing your own behavior.”– Joe Rogan

36. “Elevate each other and grow stronger.”– Joe Rogan

37. “Reality really is a theatre. There’s no other way to describe it. It’s all so nonsensical, ridiculous and chaotic.” – Joe Rogan

38. “I want to make sure that everything that I’m creating, I’m creating it so other people get enjoyment out of it. And that’s the reward that you get for that.” – Joe Rogan

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39. “By putting yourself in that intense form of stress, it makes regular life more peaceful.” – Joe Rogan

40. “It’s been one of the most important tools for me in personal growth for understanding myself, how I am, and what effect I do have on other people.” – Joe Rogan

41. “We’re constantly re-evaluating the potential for life. We’re finding it where we didn’t think it could exist, such as volcanic vents and other extreme conditions like under arctic ice. We’re finding life in these incredibly harsh and dynamic conditions, so we’re having to re-evaluate our own ideas of what’s possible on this planet alone.” – Joe Rogan


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