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Guide: How To Become A Virtual Assistant

how to become a virtual assistant

Love remote-working? This could be a chance for you to start working as a virtual assistant from the comfort of your home! Here’s all you need to know.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who can give permission to other businesses from afar. Despite the fact that this industry is booming, many people still have no idea what a virtual assistant is or how they can help small business owners, both online and offline. Virtual assistants are frequently mistaken for executive or personal assistants by many people. But there’s a lot more to it! True, we may be performing some traditional remote administration assistant tasks in some circumstances.

There’s usually too much to do but not enough time, which is why they hire you to assist. However, just because you’re a virtual assistant doesn’t mean you’ll be an executive assistant. Traditional administrative tasks such as organizing monthly expenses in Excel or scheduling appointments will not always be performed.

One of the best aspects of this position is how varied it is. Depending on your employer, you could be writing a newsletter and scheduling Facebook posts one day and planning a start-up conference in the Bahamas the next. You can be anywhere in the world while helping someone keep their business on track because it’s virtual.

Skills required to be a virtual assistant

Although the skills and services you provide as a virtual assistant vary greatly, there are a few essential skills that would make the job easier and more enjoyable.

Organizational skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills are the three basic skills required.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll likely be communicating with a variety of people online, so knowing how to approach each person appropriately is crucial.

Being able to coordinate your time and set priorities is a transferable job skill that will benefit you in any job – but it’s especially important if you’re a virtual assistant. It takes a long time to become a virtual assistant. Even those who have completed higher education do not automatically acquire the skills required for various virtual assistant tasks. But the good news is that as long as you have the desire to become one, you can learn the necessary skills and acquire the necessary knowledge. 


Let’s look at some of the skills that are required to complete various virtual assistant tasks:

1. Word Processing skills

Word processing is a fundamental virtual assistant task that virtual assistants most often perform and that is rarely overlooked. It includes (but is not limited to) data entry and typing, so it’s important to remember that it’s not just about writing and/or typing 80-100 words per minute, but also about making sure the work is 100% accurate.

2. Oral Communication and Writing skills

Fax and email are frequently used in a virtual assistant society. Sending reports, managing emails, and making presentations are all virtual assistant tasks that require these skills. Whether you’re working for a virtual assistant company or running your own virtual assistant business, you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with your clients both verbally and in writing. If you believe your writing skills are sluggish, enrolling in an online course could help you improve over time.

3. Computer skills

All VA tasks require the use of a computer, so proficient computer skills are required. This should include spreadsheet literacy as well. Virtual assistant tasks require the use of programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Furthermore, knowledge of the internet, also known as the World Wide Web, is essential. If the client requires maintenance and support for his business website or database system, advanced internet skills may be required.

4. Self Motivation and Discipline

Motivation and discipline are required for all virtual assistant tasks. It should be a discipline to get out of bed and get ready for work on time. Non-work-related issues can occasionally divert a virtual assistant’s attention away from their tasks, resulting in clients barking orders and reminding them of deadlines – this should be avoided at all costs. Non-essential phone calls, a favorite television show, or browsing social networking websites can all get in the way of concentrating on tasks. Because the nature of the job allows for more flexibility, it requires a high level of motivation and discipline to succeed.

5. Quick Thinking and Effective Decision Making

The ability to think quickly and make the best decisions is critical, especially when the client leaves a virtual assistant task and will not be available to answer questions or provide clarifications. Rather than waiting for the client to respond, explore and dig up from available resources for possible solutions. A virtual assistant must sometimes have the intuition to know what might be a good intervention for whatever problem arises, as well as the ability to process information quickly and act on it.

6. Passion for Continuous Learning

Being a virtual assistant offers a lot of variety, and learning new things on a daily basis is essential to staying on top of your game. It’s the same as the old adage that if you don’t love what you do, no matter how hard you work, you won’t succeed. Every day should be treated differently, and learning curves should be avoided.


Benefits of being a virtual assistant

The benefits of working as a virtual assistant are innumerable, here are some very exciting ones.


1. Freedom and flexibility

Everyone wishes to be free. Working as a virtual assistant can help you satisfy that craving while also making you a happier person. You have complete control over your schedule; you can work, take breaks, schedule personal appointments, and go on vacation whenever you want. There is also the option of choosing your own location. You could work from home on your sofa or in bed, but you could also work from a coffee shop or while traveling. There is also a sense of ease in your day. Rather than rushing through your shower, breakfast, and commute to work, you can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee without worrying about being late. You are also free to sleep in as long as you want and work as late as you want. When you’re sick, you can also take it easy.

2. Work from home

For a long time, working from home has been a dream of many people. Become a virtual assistant and you’ll be able to do just that! You don’t have to drive to work or sit at your desk wishing you were at home any longer! It’s ideal for introverts like yourself!

3. You choose who to work with

If you’ve already worked in customer service, you’ll realize why working with whoever you want is so important. Some people are simply irritable and take it out on everyone they come into contact with. That is something you don’t miss at all! Before you begin working with clients, make sure you know who you want to work with. This not only helped you determine whether or not a prospective client was a good fit, but it also gave you an idea of where to look for your ideal clients.

4. You set your rates

The days of being paid what you’re worth and getting a raise when you’re ready are over. You can now decide how much to charge and when to raise your rates.

5. Minimal costs

The startup costs for a virtual assistant business were extremely low: all you needed was a laptop and a few tools to get started. You also purchased some courses and eBooks to aid in the acquisition of new skills, such as web design.

6. You do works you enjoy

You’ll most likely start as an Online Business Manager, but you could eventually advance to Group Manager. As a virtual assistant, you have the freedom to start new businesses and shut down old ones.

Services a virtual assistant offers

Here are the various services you could offer as a virtual assistant:

  • Databases and CRMs are created, updated, and maintained. 
  • Organizing business cards into an Excel spreadsheet for upload to CRMs or address books.
  • Entry of data 
  • Accounting fundamentals 
  • Online research and data mining 
  • Taking notes on the computer 
  • Taking a minute 
  • Video production, editing, and distribution 
  • Setup, maintenance, content research, and scheduling for social media.
  • Creating, tracking, and analyzing Facebook, Twitter, and Google advertisements.
  • Organizing and running webinars and podcasts.
  • Monitoring and commenting on the forum.
  • Creating groups on LinkedIn 
  • Work in Photoshop 
  • Transcribing
  • Setting up a blog, writing it, optimizing it for search engines, editing it, and scheduling it.
  • Setting up a website, writing it, optimizing it for search engines, editing it, and scheduling it.
  • Setting up a newsletter, writing it, editing auto responders, maintaining it, and scheduling it.
  • Editing, formatting, and publication of eBooks.
  • Setup, import, and create labels, filters, and folders in Gmail.
  • Infographics, logos, banners, and social media profile images can all be designed and formatted.
  • Sales pages, squeeze pages, and pop-up email boxes are all examples of marketing. 
  • Templates and guides are created, edited, and formatted. 
  • Finding a venue, confirming and collating attendees and documents, and providing on-site support are all part of the event coordination process. 
  • Pursuing unpaid invoices.
  • Scheduling meetings, syncing with devices, and adding upcoming events are all part of the diary/calendar management process. 
  • Detoxification and email management.
  • Reports and presentations: writing, editing, and formatting.
  • Conducting research and making travel and lodging arrangements.
  • Personal responsibilities include purchasing gifts, dry cleaning, booking restaurants and events, moving, researching cheaper utility companies, paying bills, and so on.


Steps on how to become a virtual assistant

1. Set up a suitable environment

If you decide to work as a virtual assistant, the first item on your to-do list should be to find out what kind of equipment you’ll need.

2. Know your abilities

There is no need to think that a good virtual assistant knows how to execute all kinds of tasks. There is no “know-it-all” rule!

3. Align your priorities with your job

You have complete control over your working schedule and style as a virtual assistant. All you have to do now is make sure that the period and setting you choose are appropriate for the clients’ needs. Always keep in mind that your clients’ best interests are your top priority.

4. Always have a plan 

It may appear that communicating with clients and performing work is a simple task. However, without proper planning, it can lead to complete failure! There are a lot of virtual assistants who don’t realize that impulsiveness has no place in the VA industry. You make a plan, communicate your ideas to the client, and then go about your business.

5. Manage your time

The notion of multi-tasking is gaining a lot of traction these days because all successful businesses now work on multiple projects.

6. Achieve your best every day

You may have aspirations of excelling as a dependable and skilled virtual assistant. However, such high regard necessitates an extra mile of walking! Keep in mind that good clients don’t always expect you to be productive and efficient. They’d rather see how much value you can add to their tasks by personalizing them in a way that benefits both parties in the long run.

Websites To Apply

Currently there are a few major websites to help you become a virtual assistant.

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance website. Freelancers list their skills and clients will hire for these skills directly on the website. Currently you can only set flat-rate prices. For example, you can post a job for $500 per month to do a certain virtual task.

2. Upwork

With Upwork clients will post their job details and you can apply to them directly. The unique thing about Upwork is it’s international coverage. So, you can apply to virtual assistant jobs around the world.


In conclusion, becoming a virtual assistant is a great side hustle opportunity. This side hustle can quickly become your full time job. Many assistants report making over $30k per year. Some even break six figures. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change and you’re looking to become your own boss a virtual assistant job may be a great fit for you.





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