How To Manifest The Relationship That You Want

how to manifest the relationship that you want

We are always manifesting the things we want in our lives. This can be done consciously or subconsciously. Everything in your life has come from a belief or a thought you once had. You may be reading this because you are curious  if it is possible to manifest a relationship. The answer is… yes! Follow the steps outlined below on how to manifest the relationship that you want.

1.  Be that person you want to attract

In order to manifest the relationship that you want, and attract your dream partner, you have to focus on yourself first. This means becoming aware of the type of person that you are. Maybe you are optimistic, positive,  a hard worker, etc. Regardless of the specific qualities you possess, you need to become aware of them. Take a few minutes to think about this. Then write them down on a piece of paper.

Now that you have made note of your qualities, ask yourself if they are something to be proud of. You may realize there are a few things you want to work on to become the best version of yourself. Perhaps you have been more negative than usual. Or find yourself complaining over small things. Whatever it may be, you must work on yourself. This is the most crucial part of the process, and let me explain why. According to Medical Daily, people are more attracted to those who share the same personality type. As an example, if you want your dream partner to be a positive person, you must also be a positive person. Similarly, if you want your partner to be motivated, you must also be motivated.

2. Journaling exercise

This process takes time and a lot of self-realization. First, determine what you want in a dream partner. Maybe you want someone that is a good listener, or someone who is positive. Make sure that you are clear in this process and focus your attention on why each quality is important to you. Then, analyze what you want the relationship to bring to you. Think deeply about how you want your relationship to feel. You could realize that you want a partner to be a good listener. Now, let’s think about why having a partner who is a good listener may be important to you. They will be able to engage with you during your conversations. Furthermore, they will understand your perspective while considering how you may feel. As a result, you will feel respected, loved, and understood.

3.  Remind yourself that you are worthy of love

Everyone reading this right now is worthy of love. Yes, you! You deserve to be treated with love and respect. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to find your dream relationship. You are worth more than your self-doubts. You will find that relationship that you have been manifesting. Additionally, take the time out of your day to focus on all that you ARE rather than all that you are not. Remind yourself that you are loved by the Universe and those around you.

4. Take action to attract your ideal person or relationship 

Without taking action, you will not attract the relationship you want. Put yourself out there. Be open to getting out of your comfort zone. Maybe try a dating app, or go out to a restaurant you may not normally go to. In other words, you have to let the Universe know that you are ready for this relationship. In turn, the Universe will provide you with an opportunity to give you your dream partner.

5. Visualize that you are already in your ideal relationship

Furthermore, act as though you already have the relationship you are manifesting. By doing this, you will feel more confident in yourself and the person the universe will bring you. Imagine yourself happily in love, with a partner who loves you just as much! Think about all of the feelings that come with being in love with your dream partner. You may visualize yourself feeling safe, secure, respected, and cared for. With this in mind, visualize how you will act when you have your dream partner. Your attitude may become more positive, you may laugh more, and love life just a little more.

6. Trust the process

It is important not to spend time focusing on the timing of the relationship that you are manifesting. There is no definite timeline of manifestation. For instance, this may take 3 months, 2 years, or somewhere in between. In any case, regardless of the timing, what you put out in the Universe, there is a plan for you. Do not give up and stay focused on the end goal.


Using these steps, you can manifest the relationship that you want. In reality, you can manifest everything you want in life. The people you meet, the things that you experience, the places that you will go, etc. Trust the process, stay true to yourself, and do not lose hope. You have the power to be who you want to be and attract the person that you desire.





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