How To Overcome Trust Issues In A Relationship

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One can afford to lose several things when they are in a relationship; one thing you should be careful never to lose, though, is TRUST. The problem with losing trust is that no matter how hard you try and how much you apologize, it’s always hard to build back.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get your partner’s trust back if you’ve lost it. In this article, I’ll discuss you can overcome the fastest and best ways trust issues.

What Causes Trust Issues in A Relationship?

Before addressing a solution to a problem, you should first know what caused the situation in the first place.

Trust issues arise as a result of either present or past situations. The type of childhood one had can significantly contribute to how the person behaves when in a relationship. The type of parents they had can also be a significant influence.

If, while growing up, an individual was constantly betrayed, abandoned, disappointed, or physically harmed by their parents or friends, then it’s likely to affect the person when they get into a relationship.

Identifying The Issues

As we’ve discussed, many factors can lead to and exacerbate trust issues. These issues always vary from individual to individual.

Below are common signs that show how an individual with trust issues would act:

1. Easily picks fights:

When someone constantly feels angry and always assumes the worst of their partner, it’s common to see them pick battles for the most trivial things. These individuals are usually difficult to appease. This is an indicator of the fact that they probably didn’t have the best experiences growing up.

2. Overprotective:

This is arguably one of the most common signs of an individual with trust issues. They tend to be very insecure and hardly let their partner associate with other people. Especially people that are the same gender as they are afraid their partner may get stolen from them.

3. Reluctant to talk about problems:

A partner with trust issues may find it very difficult to open up to anyone, even their significant other. Instead, they bottle up their emotions, which is both harmful to the person’s physical/mental health and the relationship’s health.

How To Overcome Trust Issues

1. Process your past pain:

The worst thing one can do to themselves is pretend there isn’t a problem when one exists. Acknowledging that you have trust issues is the first step in overcoming those issues.

2. Be okay with taking risks:

To have a long and happy relationship, you have to realize that we’re all humans. At some point, we all make mistakes. That doesn’t mean you can’t trust them, especially if that person is your partner. Allowing room for some form of vulnerability is essential. Knowing that your partner won’t go out of their way to hurt you will make this easier to do.

3. Be a team:

Being in a relationship means that you no longer have to take all of life’s decisions by yourself. You should always be there for your partner even through the most difficult situations. When a couple makes decisions together, asks for the opinion of the other before taking action, and always confides in each other, then they’re on the way to replacing their mistrust with trust.


Bear in mind that trust is not something you can easily win back in a day or even in a couple of days; it takes time to rebuild it to the level it once was. Following this article, however, will help you achieve this tall task in record time.

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