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How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money

Sell photos online, How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money

We all know making money is a necessity, but have you tried one of the easiest ways to earn money?

The world we live in encourages us to develop passion in one way or another. I can boldly introduce you to how to make money from photography and help you pursue your passion and turn it into a career.

The easiest way to earn money lies on stock photography websites and online platforms.

The best way to sell your photos online is to sell photos on photo stockpiles for sale on a third party.

When it comes to eCommerce, images are essential. The higher the quality of images used in online shopping malls, the more products that can be sold as a result. 

In fact, in most eCommerce situations, images are generating far more sales than product descriptions and reviews.

You usually don’t have enough information on: “who buys photos online”, “what kind of photos do they buy”, and “how to sell photos online.” Keep reading as we answer all of the questions you may have. 

How to sell your photos online

For maximum sales of digital photos, you need to provide answers to these questions-

Do you think you can sell your photos? Do your hobbies reach the level where people want to buy photo prints from you?

Certainly, there is a photo art print market and you may become part of the market with some simple tips. Whether you’re in distance photography, landscape photography, art, photography, or any other type of specialty, you can learn how to use your camera for business and sell your photo prints online.

Remember, if you decide to sell images from these sites, you have to spend time and effort, which may be worthwhile.

If they know the right place to sell images online, many photographers can easily make some extra money and even start a career.

Now, the demand for utter worms of all skill levels in the market is higher than ever.  It will fall into the following categories: 

  • Large companies 
  • Small businesses
  • Medium-sized company

You can take advantage of bloggers, graphic designers, marketers, and publishers who regularly purchase and use photos online

What types of photos do people buy online?

1. People

Those who are looking to buy photos often look to buy photos of children, adults, etc. from various regions and cultures. 

2. Working class

These images are very popular. People who use laptops for activities, writing, speaking in meetings, etc. 

3. Food

Are you surprised by this? Smile. Different types of food, even empty dishes, and unwashed dishes.

4. Cities 

Beautiful places and towns that can be used for vacations. Cityscape, skyscrapers, travelers.

5. Nature

God-made or man-made objects have no brain and will never be shot or sold.

6. Travel

Sell images from two high-demand world regions.

Who buys photos online?

A wide variety of individuals, from small and medium-sized giants to bloggers, graphic designers, marketers, and publishers regularly buy photos online. 

Where to sell your photos online?

1. Your website

With your website, you’re in total control! Your website is the big deal, and the best place to trade photos online.

That’s because: You can get a fixed price, no one else takes a cut. You give high discretion over how to display your photos and imagery. You can position and solidify your plans to an end that you set convenient terms and conditions that are efficient.

The best part is starting your own website to sell photos has become easier than ever. With do it yourself website like SquareSpace, you can build your own website with little knowledge.

2. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is responsible for evolving stock photos into a great destination for buyers and sellers. This platform has existed and operated over the years and is known as a very early online marketing venue for selling photos. Adobe Stock has a percentage of loyalty, which is the most beautiful, which is higher than other online locations. The photos you upload to Fotolia are part of the Adobe Stock library. That said, it gets to other Adobe users and potential buyers because it can also be used by other Adobe applications. 

Unlike any other marketplace platform, Adobe Stock doesn’t put pressure on you to give you a franchise of your images. Therefore, it can be sold at the same time on Adobe Stock and other platforms. Formerly known as Fotolia, Adobe Stock is a stock photo marketplace created by the best photo editing software solution designers, including Photoshop and Lightroom.

3. iStockphoto

This is a site that has been selling stock images since early  2000. Since it’s been around for a long period, artists, designers, and photographers all over the world contribute their work to iStock collections in return for royalties, Istockphoto has a group or team of people that will review your qualifications and you’ll have to undergo a short trial for assessment. The ultimate stage is to upload samples of your work to make sure it’s top-notch. When applying just select the most appropriate category (photos, illustrations, video, or audio) and fill out an application (there is a free plan).

4. 500px Prime

According to the site, over 40 million photographers display stock images at 500px. You can profit from all licenses sold (standard license is $ 250), and when submitted for a commercial license, the image may appear in a well-known advertising campaign. 500px has always paid the photographer the highest percentage in the industry, so selling a single print can make up to $ 130 to the photographer. Thousands of photos are sold each month through the latest marketplaces of 500px, 500px Art, and 500px Prime, which offer unique premium royalty-free photos. 

You can get more profit with an exclusive license, but you can’t license or sell your photos to others.

5. Shutter Stock

The pricing system for shutter sticks is a bit complicated, but the more you earn, the more you earn for each image. You can get up to $120 for every image you download from Shutterstock. Because contributors are earning a total of over $300 million in over 500 million downloads, people snap these images. Shutterstock also sells stock video footage, including HD and 4K videos, images, and vectors. By introducing another photographer, you can earn a little profit (usually about 4 cents) every time you sell your image. By recommending the customer who bought the image, you can earn up to $ 200 on 20% of your first purchase. 

6. Etsy

Etsy can sell not only wedding decorations, custom Halloween costumes, wacky cat theme gifts, but also photos. The pricing is beneficial to photographers, as Etsy maintains 3.5% of the selling price, as well as 20 cents for each sale. Nevertheless, additional work needs to be done for these sales. Most people who search stock photo websites are especially looking forward to buying and take advantage of Etsy to get other types of images.

7. Alamy

Alamy has been another great platform because it doesn’t have any complicated guidelines and tough requirements in selling out stock photos. Compare with Shutterstock and Adobe Stock the site has few buyers, but to date, it remains a great contender and another considerable alternative for earnings. Photographers effortlessly upload their photos to Alamy without any give copyright issues. To date, Alamy has made $180 million in payouts to photographers, Alamy’s rates are competitive too. Alamy pays photographers 50% of each sale, which is significantly higher than some other competing platforms.

8. SmugMug Pro

Knows that the profit you get from download sales is 85% of the price you set higher than the basic cost of the download, thus helping you save 85% of the profit margin. They consider retaining 15% of SmugMug, which includes credit card payment fees, customer service, and plan management fees. Take advantage of this generous royalty. However, at this time there is not a free plan available. You must pay for the Pro subscription which starts at $12.50/ month. 


You will find every detail you need for an exploration of the opportunities in digital sales of photos right here in this article — they are there for you to implement, and start earning. I hope this guide has helped you find the best places to sell your photos online and make money.





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