Top 12 Personal Finance Podcasts

Becoming financially literate is not easy. It requires you to seek out information from others as it isn’t something that is taught in schools. However, it has never been easier to find sources that give practical advice on managing debt, investing, budgeting, and personal finance than it is today.

We sought out to find the best podcasts about personal finance that are not only enjoyable to listen to but are designed to improve the listener’s finances. Podcasts continue to be a more convenient and less costly way to gain a deeper understanding of personal finances.

Here is a list of the top 12 financial podcasts you should start listening to today!

Top 12 Podcasts About Personal Finance

1. Popcorn Finance 

popcorn finance podcast

Hosted by finance expert Chris Browning, Popcorn Finance is one of the best short-formed podcasts. With each episode, Browning provides financial lessons ranging from the basics of investing, debt, savings, and how listeners can apply action to reach their financial goals. He makes these complex concepts easy to understand and is known for packing in knowledgeable information in the same amount of time it takes to make a bag of popcorn.

  • Host: Chris Browning
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Monday
  • Average length of episodes: 10 minutes

2. The Stacking Benjamins Show

stacking benjamins show

The Stacking Benjamins show hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy and Josh Bannerman is both entertaining and informative. Joe was a financial advisor for 16 years and has been highly recognized by various media outlets. Josh who plays “the other guy,” (AKA OG), is a certified financial planner that works with clients across the nation. With a light-hearted approach and funny approach, they share a load of information on personal finance and how you can make the best money decisions moving forward. They also feature several diverse guests from all backgrounds that make it easy to relate to.

  • Host: Joe Saul-Sehy and Josh Bannerman
  • Release of new episodes: Every Monday and Friday
  • Average length of episodes: 60 minutes

3. The Ramsey Show 

the ramsey show

Hosted by Dave Ramsey, personal finance consultant, radio show host, and renowned author, The Ramsey Show is one of the best. Ramsey will provide you with all of the information you need to take control of your life and money without sugar-coating anything. Millions of listeners call into the show in hopes of Ramsey providing advice for how to get out of debt and start moving towards their financial goals. Ramsey not only provides listeners with advice but provides an actionable plan.

  • Host: Dave Ramsey
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Weekday
  • Average length of episodes: 40 minutes

4. How To Money 

how to money

How To Money is hosted by Matt and Joel, two best friends that talk about all things money. If you are looking to learn about finances in a simple way, this podcast is for you. They provide knowledge and tools regarding but not limited to debt payoff, DIY investing and money tricks that will assist you in becoming financially free.

Matt and Joel share a mission of helping people make wise money decisions that will prevent financial hardships. They also acknowledge that while most people do not aspire to achieve Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk’s levels of wealth, they seek to provide the tools so that listeners can attain a solid financial standing and live a fulfilling life.

  • Hosts: Matt and Joel
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every other Weekday
  • Average length of episodes: 50-60 minutes

5. Deeper Than Money 

deeper than money podcast

Understanding finances, especially as a millennial can be difficult. Chloe Elise, host of Deeper Than Money shares knowledge about all things money, mindset, and how to achieve financial freedom while still enjoying life. Chloe has a passion for teaching people from all different backgrounds how to take control of their finances and change the trajectory of their lives. Elise shares her experience with paying off debt and her financial mindset, giving listeners the tools to do the same.

  • Host: Chloe Elise
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Monday
  • Average length of episodes: 20 minutes

6. Afford Anything 

afford anything podcast

Hosted by Paula Pant, Afford Anything provides listeners with detailed advice that anyone can follow. Paula shares tips for investing in real estate, how to become debt-free, how to stop making money mistakes, and more! She frequently has some of the best resources on the show who share good quality ideas and strategies of how they were able to obtain their dream lifestyle.

  • Host: Paula Pant
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Sporadic
  • Average length of episodes: 10-90 minutes

7. Journey To Launch

  • journey to launch podcast

Journey To Launch, hosted by Jamila Souffrant is undoubtedly one of the best podcasts about personal finance. Jamila is dedicated to helping individuals eliminate debt, save money, and increase net-worth to achieve financial freedom. One of the most genuine and down-to-earth podcasters, she is constantly releasing new episodes that are in tune with what the listeners need and want. Jamila expresses that anyone can live a financially free life as long as you implement good financial habits.

  • Host: Jamila Souffrant
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Wednesday
  • Average length of episodes: 30-60 minutes

8. Money For The Rest Of Us


money for the rest of us podcast


Money For The Rest Of Us, hosted by David Stein, is an incredible podcast all about money, how it works, how to invest, and how to live life without worrying about money. While Stein used to be a former chief investment strategist and money manager, he now prioritizes helping his listeners become more confident investors.

With over 15 million downloads, Stein provides practical advice for the average person to take control of their financial future.

  • Host: David Stein
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Wednesday
  • Average length of episodes: 20-30 minutes

9. Racial Personal Finance 

radical personal finance podcast

Joshua Sheats, host of Radical Personal Finance encourages people to integrate lifestyle and money-saving goals without creating conflict. Sheats provides accurate financial information, practical tips and tricks, strategies, all of which are helpful in achieving your desired lifestyle. Joshua is a humble guy who shares financial background knowledge and critical thinking skills so that all of his listeners can succeed!

  • Host: Joshua Sheats
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Weekly
  • Average length of episodes: 20-60 minutes

10. BiggerPockets Money 


Bigger Pockets Podcast


BiggerPockets Money, hosted by Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench is one of the best podcasts for building financial freedom. They interview powerful leaders that share insightful information that is helpful to all listeners. Jensen and Trench will provide practical steps on how to earn more, save more, and become smarter with your money.

  • Hosts: Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Monday and Friday
  • Average length of episodes: 60-90 minutes

11. The Rich Dad Show 


the rich dad radio show

The Rich Dad Show, hosted by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki provides some of the best conventional advice on personal finance, investing, business, economics, and personal development. They often have a variety of professionals on the show that allow the listeners to understand various viewpoints on how listeners can set themselves up for financial success. The Rich Dad Show will open your eyes to how rich people think about politics and government.

If you are not familiar with Robert Kiyosaki, I highly suggest you read Rich Dad Poor Dad, which has become to be the #1 Personal Finance book of all time.

  • Hosts: Robert and Kim Kiyosaki
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Wednesday
  • Average length of episodes: 45- 60 minutes

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12. Side Hustle Nation

the side hustle show podcast

If you are someone who has dreams of escaping the 9-5 life, The Side Hustle Show is for you. The host, Nick Loper, gives practical advice for those who dream of escaping the rat race. Loper provides information regarding new business ideas, actionable tips to start a business, how to turn any side hustle into a business, and more.

  • Host: Nick Loper
  • Website:
  • Release of new episodes: Every Thursday
  • Average length of episodes: 30-60 minutes

The Bottom Line

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post for the top 12 podcasts about personal finance! Listening to even just one of these finance podcasts will allow you to have a deeper understanding of your financial situation. Furthermore, these podcasts will also provide further insight into how you can achieve your desired lifestyle.





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